You just bought a boat! Now what do you do? Perhaps you are interested in buying your first boat and don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to rent a boat or book a charter boat for vacation.

It is our goal at My First Boat to help you in your boating journey. Not sure how to buy a boat, or what to do with one after you’ve purchased? We have tips for both scenarios that will help you choose the right vessel and storage. Wanting to go on a luxury yacht vacation but don’t want to have to buy your own yacht?

We have information to help you book your trip leaving only the destination as the stressful part to decide on. Does spending time on the water with a drink in one hand and fishing pole in the other sound like your next life goal? It is our goal to help you achieve yours.

Just take a stress-free browse through the information provided and you could become the next captain of your dream turned to reality.