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A VAT (Value Added Tax) paid or exempt luxury yacht can use for a “permiso aduanero”. This enables for an indefinite stay in the nation and can be useful when importing yacht spares from other EU countries. Boats signed up outside the EU on which VAT has not been paid may be imported into the EU for a duration not surpassing six months in any twelve, after that VAT ends up being due.

It is extremely hot in the summertime and ventilation is crucial. It may be worth fitting additional hatches and a wind scoop over the fore hatch will help a lot. A cockpit table is helpful as consuming outside during the summertime months is one of the satisfaction of travelling.


There is a constant east going current of between 1 and 2 knots flowing through the straight of Gibraltar and between the Costa del Sol and the north African coast. There is some tide to be considered at the western end of the area, Gibraltar sees 1 metre at a lot of. This lessens the further east traveled. The weather condition is impacted by a number of systems and is consequently tough to forecast. There is an old saying that in the summertime 9 days of light winds will be followed by a complete blown wind that is inaccurate. A wind from the northwest is called the “tramotana”. It can be harmful due to the fact that it can get here and reach gale force in just 15 minutes. It typically lasts for 3 days and can blow in excess of a week. The wind from the east, the “levante” can also blow for several days at gale force. Yearly rainfall at Gibraltar is 760mm. The Costa del Sol will experience about 4 days a month of fog. Summer season temperatures can exceed 35 degrees C and the winter season see around 15 degrees.


The remainder of this short article looks principally at the harbours of the Costa del Sol. There are also various anchorages bbut just a few of the notable ones are pointed out here.


Marina Bay is biggest of Gibraltar’s three marinas with 350 berths. The majority of berthing is stern/bow to. Bigger luxury yachts can lie together with. Water and electrical energy on the pontoons. Within the complex you will find a chandlers, launderette and a great selection of dining establishments and bars. There is an indoor market less than 5 minutes walk from the marina. Queensway Marina is much quieter than Gibraltar’s other 2 marinas. Security is outstanding with all the pontoons being gated. Within the complex you will discover numerous dining establishments and bars.


Gibraltar itself was delivered from the Spanish to the British in the early 18th century and for many of it’s history since that time Spain has actually been attempting to get it back. There is proof of this wherever you go on the rock. The rock itself is honeycombed with tunnels built at one time or another for the functions of contributing to the defences of Gibraltar. A lot of the older tunnels are open to the public and feature exhibits of how life was for the soldiers of the day. Numerous of the tunnels are most definitely not open to the public and there is considerable speculation regarding what may be seen in these. You can see Rosia Bay where Admiral Lord Nelson’s body was purchased ashore from HMS Victory following his popular triumph over a combined French and Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson’s body was gone back to Britain for a hero’s funeral service however a number of the seamen who passed away along with him in the battle are buried on the rock at the Trafalgar cemetery. Take a cable television cars and truck trip to the top of the rock, spectacular views of Spain and throughout the straights to Morocco. Up here you will also find the famous nest of Barbary apes. Rumor has it that only when the apes are no more will the British leave the Rock. A report taken seriously by Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War, who on knowing of their dwindling population purchased more to be bought to the Rock from Africa.



Puerto de Sotogrande is an appealing marina complex surrounded by apartment or condos, stores, bars and dining establishments. The general design has been influenced by Portofino. There are sandy beaches to either side of the marina and golf, riding, tennis and squash courts nearby. One of the most costly marinas on this part of the coast.


Among my favorites is Puerto de la Duquessa. Not too huge and not to loud. The marina is surrounded by apartments, stores, restaurants and bars. The marina uses complimentary healthcare to it’s users. There are sandy beaches either side of the marina. The village of Sabinillas is 5 minutes stroll to the north. Another bus will take you to the town of Casares which clings to the side of a mountain. Marbella, popular with the abundant and well-known is another bus journey away. Don’t anticipate to see the famous on the bus though, they are the ones in the Ferraris. Work with a cars and truck and increase to the stunning town of Ronda.

Puerto de Estapona is a medium sized marina with the typical development of restaurants and bars.


Puerto de Jose Banus, the marina of the rich and well-known and the costs show this. There are several Yacht Charter and Yacht Brokerage operations within the marina complex. Great beach to the west of the marina which belongs to the hotel and enables berth holders access.

The little marina at Puerto de Marbella is surrounded by tourist developments. The marina can be loud at night during the summer season months. Beaches on either side of the marina but these get really crowded throughout the summer season months.


Puerto de Cabopino is a pleasant, small harbour surrounded by Andalucian design homes which makes a nice modification from the typical high rise developments. Excellent shelter within the harbour. Limited area for short-term luxury yachts and it is suggested that you call ahead to confirm there is a berth available. Marina charges are on the high side. Cabopino beach, with it’s fine sand is reckoned to be one of the finest on the Costa del Sol.

Good shelter can be discovered at Puerto de Fuengirola. The nearby town is both noisy and really hectic throughout the summertime. All arrangements can be acquired in the town. There are excellent beaches on either side of the marina but these get very crowded during the summer season.


Puerto de Benalmadena is a substantial marina with over 150,000 square metres of water. There is good shelter with the only swell being experienced in a W wind. Whilst the surrounding location is the usual overwhelming high increase blacks the marina itself is quite appealing. It was named finest marina worldwide in both 1995 and 1998. There are over 200 business premises consisting of shops, night clubs and the normal many dining establishments and bars. There is likewise a sea life centre. There are great beaches on either side of the marina. Malaga airport is just 8 km away.


Puerto de Malaga is the major industrial and fishing port of the Costa del Sol. The only facilities for yachts are at the Real Club Mediterraneo de Malaga and there is little room for visitors.

The little harbour of Puerto del Candado is discovered 3.5 miles E of Malaga. Ideal for vessels drawing 2m or less. With strong winds from the W – SW significant swell constructs up and the harbour ends up being uncomfortable. Harbour charges are low.


Puerto de Puerto Caleta de Velez is a quiet fishing harbour 22 miles to east of Malaga. There are beaches on either side of the marina.

The anchorages of Fondeadero de Neja and Cala de Miel are both worth a check out. Cala de Miel has a fresh water spring.

Marina del Este is a purpose constructed marina set among a big housing development in a stunning area. Wind from NE – E produces a limited amount of swell within the marina. There is a small beach close to the harbour and a swimming pool at the yacht club.


When a little fishing port, Puerto de Motril has developed into a commercial port serving the inland city of Granada. Beaches on either side of the harbour.

The harbour of Puerto de Adra was established by the Phoenicians and has been in usage ever given that. Harbour charges are high. Beaches on either side of the harbour.



Puerto de Almerimar, a huge marina with the capability for over 1,000 boats. Outstanding shelter from whatever but strong SW winds when some swell can develop towards the entrance of the harbour. Rates are low. Remarkably so compared to some other marinas on the Costa del Sol. Sandy beaches on either side of the marina. This part of the coast is covered with plastic greenhouses, it has actually to be seen to be valued both for the huge variety of acres under cover and it’s ugliness.


Puerto de Roquetas del Mar is a little fishing harbour. Strong winds from the SE – NE make the harbour uncomfortable.


Excellent shelter can be discovered at Puerto de del Aguadulce except with wind from the ESE which can trigger some swell making conditions unpleasant. The marina can cater for some 150 boats.


The Puerto de Almeria is a business & fishing port. Overall the shelter is good but strong winds from the E produce swell that makes it unpleasant within the marina.

Marina Bay is largest of Gibraltar’s three marinas with 350 berths. Queensway Marina is much quieter than Gibraltar’s other two marinas. Puerto de Sotogrande is an appealing marina complex surrounded by apartments, shops, bars and dining establishments. The small marina at Puerto de Marbella is surrounded by traveler advancements. Marina del Este is a purpose constructed marina set among a huge housing advancement in a lovely location.

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