Yacht Charter In The Southern Ionian Sea

Levkas is a popular, vibrant and windy island. It is the only island connected to mainland Greece, a swing bridge providing access by roadway. The airport at Preveza is only a 30 minute ride away. Lefkas Town lies a brief range down the canal, at the point where the canal turns to run SE. The structures of the town are quickly seen and the harbour is not hard to locate. There is a marina here or you can use the town’s harbour. Both offer good shelter in all weather condition conditions.The Lefkas canal enables sailors to pass along the east side of the island, which has most of the anchorages. The northern entrance can be found by locating the Santa Mauro Fort. The canal correct starts after Lefkas Town and is marked by red and green poles and by red and green buoys when the canal turns south.


Nidri is lively, the quay self provides water, fuel etc. but places you in the middle of yacht charter bases, tripper boats, ferries etc. A little additional south he landlocked Vlikho Bay offers excellent overall shelter the bottom is mud.


On the southern end lies the protected bay of Sivota with numerous waterside bars and tavernas. It is now one of the islands main resorts The port is located in the south-east of the large bay. It provides great shelter although the prevailing wind tends to blow into the harbour making conditions uneasy at times.


Also worth a check out while on Levkas: The ancient city Nirikos was the first capital of the island from 2BC. Excavations have shown that Nirikos delighted in significant economic development. The collection in the Archaeological Museum of Levkas includes findings dating from the Proto-Hellenic duration to the Roman period, including ceramics, pots, statues, signs, ecclesiastic pieces and photos from the excavations in Nidri. Lefkata Cape is located at the southern part of Lefkas and offers a magnificent view. Originally, sacrifices to the gods and spirits took place here. Convicts were forced to jump from the rocks and effort to fly utilizing plumes connected around their bodies. The monastery of Panayia Faneromeni is the most considerable religious monolith on the island. It is positioned 2 km east of the capital outside the town of Frynio and bases on the site of an ancient sanctuary for Artemis or Hera.


Vathi is the islands primary port. As soon as you are in the bay the little harbour will be seen. The island has a number of picturesque bays where you can anchor and take a line ashore.


Ithaca – Steeped in legend of Odysseus the island has gorgeous bays and attractive anchorages. The island is essentially 2 greatly woody mountain tops rich in flora and animals, which extend steeply from the Ionian sea, joined in the centre of the island by a thin stretch of land. It offers gentle green uplands in the south and rugged limestone hills in the north. Frikes is a little harbour and village in the north east of Ithaca embeded in the bay that it takes it’s name from. A charming place at the bottom of a steep woody valley. There are several old windmills standing on the rocks above the village. Kioni lies just to the south of Frikes. The village is stunning with structures dotted around the high slopes of the bay. The bottom is mud and weed and care must be required to get the anchor holding. Shelter is typically great but there are typically gusts from the north west. There are shops in the town and tavernas on the waterfront.


Even more to the south is Vathi, the island’s capital and primary harbour. It’s red-roofed houses set amongst captivating scenery at the end of the closed bay of Molosmeans Vathi implies deep and that’s what you will find. The bay of Polis on the west coast, near the village of Stavros, is the site of Loizos’ cavern.


Cephalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands covering some 700 sq. km. For the walker there are acres of forest covered limestone mountains to explore. Most of the mountains fall steeply to the sea and the you will be sailing at the foot of these peaks, in locations this means the boat will be subjected to strong gusts of wind so care is required.



Fiskardo is a confined bay and harbour on the north eastern tip of Cephalonia. It is an exceptionally popular stop for yachts and in the summertime months the quay is generally packed. If there is no room anchor in the north of the bay and take a line ashore. The harbour provides excellent all round shelter. The village is stunning and was among the couple of put on the island that got away the excellent damage of the 1953 earthquake. 19th century homes set in the middle of green pine groves stay quite much original and a historic conservation order need to keep them that way. There are a variety of shops in the village as to there are tavernas some serving exceptional food. There are several anchorages on the coast in between Fiskardo and Ay Eufimia to the south. Ay Eufimia is a small harbour in the north west corner of a big bay. Most provisions can be discovered and there are a couple of tavernas. Sami to the south of the very same bay is the island’s primary ferryboat port. It was established after the earthquake and is almost all modern-day structures. There are great strolls along the coast to the north east of the harbour. Still further to the south is the small harbour of Poros. This is not the most comfy harbour in the Ionian with the dominating winds developing a chop in the harbour. It is uneasy instead of hazardous. Many provisions are readily available in the town. There are numerous tavernas with a good one by the harbour.


The capital of the island is Argostoli the SW. The earthquake in 1953 purchased nearly total devastation, all that remained undamaged were a couple of homes, the arched bridge stretching throughout the lagoon and the obelisk at it’s centre. Regretfully the restoring has produced a rather soulless location. There are lots of stores and tavernas in the town.


Lixuri is a town with a little harbour opposite Argostoli on the western side of Kolpos Argostoliou. Assos, on the western side of the island, need to be used only in calms or when the wind is light from the west.


Zakinthos is the southernmost of the islands in the Ionian. A horseshoe shaped mountain range surrounds an abundant fertile plain. Half of the island’s cultivated land is given over to the currant vine which was initially transplanted from the Peloponnese by the Venetians.


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In the north east of the islands lies Ormos Ay Nikolaos. You can anchor in the bay in about 5m depths or go stern to the outside of the breakwater and take a long line ashore. Strong gusts can be anticipated in the afternoon and most luxury yachts leave after lunchtime and head south to the capital. A visit to the Blue Caves is a favourite in this part of the island. Sign up with among the regional caiques as go to with a yacht is not suggested as the location is unprotected from north westerlies and the waters to deep to anchor in. The underwater rocks are covered by a mauve coloured seaweed. The seaweed together with the white sandy bottom of the caverns reflect the inbound sunlight producing a blue hue.

To the south lies Limin Zakinthos, he capital of Zakinthos and most of the island’s 35,000 population live here. When inside the harbor care is required of the semi-sunk stone breakwater which protrudes from the north mole. There are a number of museums in the town dedicated to the islands history.


Porto Roma lies in the south east corner of the island. This is a wonderful anchorage in calm weather condition. There is a taverna on the beach.


It is suggested to examine with the authorities in the capital what limitations are currently in place if you are planning to sail in this area. Anchor either side of the stone mole and take a long line ashore. Ormos Vroma is the only anchorage on the western side of the island.


The island has a number of picturesque bays where you can anchor and take a line ashore. Ithaca – Steeped in legend of Odysseus the island has beautiful bays and attractive anchorages. The island is essentially 2 greatly woody mountain tops abundant in flora and fauna, which protrude steeply from the Ionian sea, signed up with in the centre of the island by a thin stretch of land. Even more to the south is Vathi, the island’s capital and main harbour. Sami to the south of the exact same bay is the island’s primary ferryboat port.

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